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At Oka-Bi, our mission is to help our customers ingest, protect, integrate and analyse data in the Microsoft Azure cloud, in an accelerated and cost effective manner.


Oka-Bi is a cloud automation software house with a background in data warehousing & data privacy.  Realising the market potential of a product that could automate data warehousing with privacy by design principles at its core, Oka-Bi invested its R&D into creating the low-code cloud warehousing product,, which has now been released onto the Azure Marketplace. is the ideal solution for any organisation delivering a project constrained by time, cost or staffing availability.  

The powerful platform can help provide transformative business results by harnessing the benefits of cloud technology such as data integration, scalability, and agility.  More significantly, the automation engine of delivers a projected forty-five times faster than traditional builds, thus liberating time and labour commitments normally assigned for manual data warehousing projects.

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