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shutterstock_393328354.jpg now live on the Azure Marketplace

Built specifically for the Azure Cloud, is a low code automation platform that builds modern Azure data warehouses directly to new or existing customer Azure customer subscriptions. delivers a production data warehouse 45 times faster when compared  to a manually constructed platform. The software is so agile that it will pay for itself in Year 1.

Subscription features & customer benefits include

  • 45x speed boost in delivering integrated Synapse Data Warehouse.

  • High ROI, product pays for itself in Year 1.

  • Free future upgrades as part of subscription.

  • Protection of personal data to comply with Data Protection Legislation (GDPR, Data Protection Act, CCPA).

  • Integrates into wider Data Fabric architecture.

  • Integrates with Microsoft Azure.

  • Highly scalable - automates build of large Synapse clusters.

  • No vendor lock in, 12 month subscription.

  • Build on any Azure tenant, anywhere in the world.

  • Reduced Test Time.

  • Remote Delivery of Consistent Data Platform Standards.

  • Deep Security Integration - Azure Active Directory, Key Vault, Data Encryption, Azure Network.

  • Turnkey Setup - no lengthy installations.

  • Near Realtime Data Loading Framework.

  • Support included as part of subscription.

  • Data "Time Travel" feature - point in time reporting support.

  • Infrastructure-as-code baked into product.

  • Product is deployed to a secure physical Azure network.

For any organisation controlling or processing personal data, consider automating Privacy by Design principles in the Azure Cloud with

Data Privacy with

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