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Built specifically for the Azure Cloud, is a low code automation platform that builds modern Azure data warehouses directly to new or existing customer Azure customer subscriptions.

Scale the heights of data analytics with benefits include

  • Speed of Delivery: Minimum 45x increase in build speed compared to manual (human) engineering.

  • High ROI: Software effectively pays for itself in every year of subscription.

  • Deploy Anywhere: Build on any available Microsoft Azure Tenant, globally.

  • Regulatory Alignment: Software aligns with major data privacy protection and privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

  • Remote Work Aligned: Code consistency even when teams are geo-disparate.

  • Turnkey Setup: Azure AD centralised management for quick customer rollout.

  • No Vendor Lock In: Transparent code based, minimum 12 month subscription.

  • Tested: Prior versions have been running in production settings for 11+ Years

  • Scalability: Parallel / Distributed Architecture with inbuilt elasticity.

  • Extensibility: With training, learn how to adapt and extend generated code to accommodate your bespoke requirements.

For any organisation controlling or processing personal data, consider automating Privacy by Design principles in the Azure Cloud with

Data Privacy with

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