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Oka-Bi FAQ

You Asked, We Answered

WHY AZURE? deploys to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, this is because Oka-Bi align technical strategy (especially Data Privacy & Security) to the powerful privacy & security features available in Azure.

DO YOU ALLOW LOCAL DEPLOYMENTS OF THE STAKGEN.IO PLATFORM? is deployed centrally to numerous global regions, it is a SaaS software product. For ease of administration, support and upgrades, we don't deploy software to customers' own Azure subscriptions.

CAN WE USE STAKGEN.IO AS A TIME LIMITED TRIAL? is a powerful platform so we do not provide a trial version. It would be possible to spin up a significantly sized Data Warehouse Ecosystem even in 1 day, so we prefer to provide demonstrations. We can utilise customer data if required.


Yes, monthly subscription includes support from Oka-Bi technicians should there be any issue with the software. 

HOW MANY OUT OF THE BOX CONNECTORS ARE SUPPLIED VIA STAKGEN.IO? will automate customer Data Warehouse Ecosystems by connecting to data loaded to Azure Data Lake. This data provisioning pattern is common to any Cloud Data Warehouse and will normally involved teams of in-house customer engineers who will route data into Landing Zones for ingestion into the Data Warehouse. 

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