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Created specifically for 'on premise' SQL Server & Azure IAAS data platforms, StakGen is a powerful full stack data warehouse automation product that builds SQL Server data warehouse and business intelligence platforms, with data privacy by design "baked in" to the product and the data warehouses it generates.

For example, for a magic circle law firm we built an end to end global practice management SQL BI Stack including Star Schema & Analysis Services cubes, in 3 days.

Licensing customer benefits to StakGen include:

  • Minimum 20x agility boost in delivering integrated azure data platforms (single developer only);

  • Automation of Data Privacy coding;

  • Product pays for itself in Year 1;

  • Protection of personal data to comply with Data Protection Legislation (GDPR, Data Protection Act, CCPA);

  • Robust Code Artefacts

  • Remote Delivery of Consistent Data Platform Standards;

  • Automates the build of analytic "cubes", providing slice and dice analytics;

  • No Vendor Lock In;

  • No Cloud Required;

  • Kimball Dimension Model Integration.

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