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Who We Are

Oka-Bi was founded in 2010, providing data warehouse automation software to help UK National Health Service organisations to deliver mission critical data integration solutions with specific emphasis on data privacy. 

The objective for us was clear: the enablement of public sector organisations to build data warehouses with cost, control and trust in the technical solution. As a micro company, we have been able to provide exceptional capability and delivery by harnessing robotic automation principles. 

Oka-Bi was founded by David and Taeko Hill, who provide strategic leadership for the company.


David Hill, Chief Software Architect, a Cloud Enterprise Data Architect and Software Engineer, working on data platforms and software engineering since 1997. David has lead multiple high value national and international data integration platform projects, and recently supported DEFRA in the role of "Enterprise Lead Domain Architect for Data Integration".

Taeko Hill, Co-Founder and Software Ambassador. With a background in Information and library Studies, as well as journalism, Taeko provides strategic, management, and sales/marketing advice. 


Save time, save money and get results. 

With the release in 2022 of we are offering an in-cloud, subscription based low code automation service to public and private sectors.  This is especially important in times of hybridised work patterns, which can and do lead to increased challenges in the delivery of consistently architected and engineered Azure platforms.  Contact us for more information,

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