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A Decade of Trust: Celebrating 11 Years with Imperial College and Oka-Bi Pseudonymisation Toolkit

1 Feb 2024

We are proud to announce that Imperial College has renewed their commitment to using our Oka-Bi Pseudonymisation Toolkit for the 11th consecutive year. This enduring partnership highlights the trust and effectiveness of our solutions in supporting the critical data security needs of one of the world’s leading universities.

Over a decade ago, we set out to create a tool that not only enhances data privacy but also seamlessly integrates with the complex data environments of our clients. The Oka-Bi Pseudonymisation Toolkit has evolved, driven by feedback from long-standing users like Imperial College, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of privacy technology.

This renewal reaffirms our commitment to deliver robust, reliable, and regulatory-compliant data warehousing solutions. Our toolkit is designed to provide maximum data protection without compromising on usability, empowering Imperial College to continue its world-class research without data privacy concerns.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Imperial College for trusting us year after year and to our dedicated team, whose expertise and commitment make this possible. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain committed to innovation and excellence in helping our clients manage and protect their valuable data.

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