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Oka-Bi achieves ISO 27001 certification

27 Jul 2023

We've always believed in continuous improvement and relentless commitment to excellence. Today, we're incredibly proud to announce another significant milestone in that journey: We are now ISO 27001 certified.
ISO 27001 is the international standard that lays out the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It sets the groundwork for organisations to ensure that their data is secure and protected. Being certified to this standard is a mark of our dedication to the highest levels of data security.
This certification is a testament to our stringent efforts towards ensuring the utmost security, privacy, and integrity of our customers' data. We understand the gravity of trust that our customers place in us, particularly in our data analytics, cyber security products, and consultancy services, which cater to a broad spectrum of sectors such as retail, life sciences, and beyond.
Whether you are a retailer looking to enhance customer data protection, a life sciences firm aiming to bolster research data security, or any organisation in need of robust cybersecurity, we're now more equipped than ever to deliver secure and dependable software and services.
But our journey doesn't stop here. We see this as a stepping-stone to further enhance our security processes and procedures, to ensure we’re at the forefront of data security advancements, and to continue providing our customers with exceptional services they can trust.

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